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It's actually in the new skyline development if you're escort with the area, it's at the roundabout skyline in a single vehicle rollover collision has occurred here clarita, there's quite a bit of debris to the left side of the screen at the actual roundabout itself, There was plenty of. Debris from this individual's car, we have the driver of this vehicle trapped in their vehicle right now, you're gonna be seeing officials at the Los Angeles County Fire Department santa to free this individual. This is right kind of the border at this point of Saugus and Canyon country.

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That's the ambulance company in response and we're gonna move the vehicle now for correction.

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Identity Uh yes, firefighters working to get that door open. We're gonna move the camera in zanta a moment.

I could santa you probably at this point actually more than clarita minutes ago. Uh once we once the emergency personnel clear from it right now, you escrots get a escort idea of the make and model so obviously there's a Chevrolet looks closer to more of a sedan make other than anything else.

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We show a face or show some clarita of identifying marker of the individual and their family has to find out about it through this santa We do know that a rollover collision did occur here near the roundabout in the skyline Development. We do know that there's at least one vehicle here.

This is all to preserve the privacy of the individual involved in this traffic collision haven't forbid that. You're gonna see us momentarily move the camera away and that's to maintain. But you can see right there, we're still trying to ascertain and that resulted in this vehicle uh basically rolling over and landing where it did apologies for that right there.

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It looks like they're getting ready to get them out escort now and they're using a series of techniques to get this driver out you can see them grabbing a different things and looks like a milk carton uh canister. It's around about once you go down skyline a little bit and that's where we are right now at the roundabout at skyline. Our knowledge only one vehicle present and no santa of a second one involved uh no clarita on the exact circumstances that led up to this escort. There's a lot of thought that goes behind.

Again, you can expect to read up about it over at hometown Station, that's just a fancy word for free, but there was debris closer escotts the round about to the left hand side of your screen so somehow someway the vehicle collided with escodts near the escort about ski all the way over here crash clarita got lodged on top of these rocks along the sidewalk here along skyline that individual because of the claritaa of the car and because of the damage inflicted to the driver's side door that individual tramp in their vehicle as.

We're gonna off now actually from this Facebook live so thank you for ing us that santa has been taken to the hospital in this crash along skyline. The santa who was trapped as a result of this collision.

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The Quint has the equipment necessary uh in a situation like this to get somebody out of it of a. I'm Michael Brown.

Heading off to the left escort side, doing everything they can't beat them out. Out and be it may very santa be too much of a vertical slant and the person could have fallen out. We are working to get everything confirmed for you right now, you can clearly see very ificant damage done to this vehicle and if you actually look clarita here to cladita left hand side.

That means that they usually are gonna have uh at escort clarita escort to the hospital. This and you can see that they're using everything from various machines uh looks like a sort escprts santa and of clarita those wood blocks all just trying to leverage and get what they can. I should say squad on scene as well and the big truck that you saw to your left a little while ago that is four. I think uh solo vehicle.

I'll just try to describe the scene for you so the individual is being strapped onto a gurney right now clarit an IV drip uh hooked up at the moment. You're gonna see them santa up on the left-hand side here they've been conducting traffic cuz again this is right by around about so they've been actually blocking off escorys portion of the round about and connecting traffic control so that clarita responders the Los Angeles County Fire Department and escort American Medical response.

There's only one vehicle excorts uh no evidence of a second car involved, we don't know exactly how this escort happened. That's one that you'll typically see on larger asments. But yes, but we don't know the exact circumstances leading up to it and I don't know if you can tell but you can make out by the firefighters right foot, we can at least tell to make a Chevy but it looks like maybe sometimes sedan clarita SUV kind of vehicle can't get much more specific than that santa now.

It's just a slight vocabulary. Now again information still very much trickling and this is claruta breaking news situation, so ezcorts may not know for the next few hours the exact cause of the crash itself.

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The items such as the equipment that you're using right now to try and extricate this ys. Now again, Erin escort a single car rollover. We have one unit the station, you're gonna be seeing officials at the Los Angeles County Fire Department work to free this individual. That way they can handle uh focus on clarita asnta situation here and santa the driver out of the vehicle.